Skate Elmira

Get on board.

        For years the youth of Elmira have desired to see a skateboard park built but very few were ever willing to step out and try to make it happen. That is until a year ago when Kyle Wilton, a high school student from Elmira, approached the town council with a well researched plan of where and how a skateboard park could be built. 

His proposal was met with early support and the idea began to catch on. Now, a year later, Kyle has a team around him who are dedicated to making his dream a reality. Through the support of our community, Skate Elmira hopes to not only build a skateboard park but totally revitalize an unused plot of land and create a place where people of all ages can gather to skate, ride or just meet and socialize with friends and neighbors. 

Together we can make this happen. Get On Board!


Skate Elmira is a project of the Woolwich Recreational Facilities Foundation. Click the image to the left then click "Donate Now" and select "Skate Elmira" from the drop down menu. All donations are tax receiptable. Thank You!





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